Posted at 28 Nov, 2023


goPuff is currently looking for delivery partners for goDrive, an app that connects delivery drivers with customers who want access to the daily essentials they need, such as food, drinks, household items, etc. Partnering with goPuff is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a flexible schedule. goPuff’s big advantages over similar services is the central hub for deliveries – as a delivery driver, you won’t have to drive all around town to gather orders, instead you’ll be picking things up from one central location. This minimizes the COVID risk, but also saves you a lot of time. Apart from that, there is flexible schedule, meaning that you can work literally whenever you want. On average, goPuff drivers earn around $20 per hour, plus tips. There are guaranteed hourly minimums (depends on the market), as well as pre-order commission. In order to start, you just to sign up on goDrive app, log in, take an order or few, and start delivering. Apply now and start immediately!]]